Mike Pagan

Life After Sport, Managing Director

The foundation of Life After Sport is a seriously powerful monthly mastermind group, filled with like-minded former and current professional sports people whose energy is now targeted at Winners working with winners, proving there is Life After Sport!
Mike Pagan

Mike Pagan

Life After Sport

  • Comber House, Union Road, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire CV32 5LT



Special Reindeer Power:

Masterminding and peer support for Elite and Professional Sports people in transition into Life After Sport!

Who goes on his nice list?

Retiring Sports people working in isolation no longer have the right support network around them.

Communication is a fundamental skill of all leaders and performers, and should therefore be constantly improved and developed.

Discovering your Mojo means you do what you love every day, we all need the support of others to find the path and stay on it!

Who goes on his naughty list?

HIDI – Help is essential – a true sense of Identity – clear Direction and to not work in Isolation.

HIDI Kills creativity and decision making – we all need a PowerTeam!

Christmas tipple

Cheeky Rusty Nail!

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