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Green shoots is a much overused term when a country is coming out of recession - all the popular press is desperately looking for evidence that they can shout about and sell papers with. If you listen to faces in the media they all tell a different story - Lord Digby Jones will happily be quoted saying:

'Everything is going in the right direction for GB, just look at how many cars we manufacture nowadays, the Nissan factory alone in the North East manufactures more cars in a year than the whole of Italy, look at JLR in the Midlands where every single vehicle coming off the production line is pre-sold with thousands on pre-order - we are doing very well'

How is this all affecting business on the ground for you? Has the runway extension at Birmingham had any impact on you, whether you agree with HS2 or not will there be any positive or negative repercussions in the short term here? Many organisations are still shutting down, the retail frontages of our towns are filled with boarded up shop windows, while in some areas recruiting is very hot in other areas wages are being squeezed and recent graduates are struggling for work in a burger bar.

The TopTable will discuss real issues, come up with ideas and suggestions to deal with those issues pressing you and your business - it has been said many times you cannot do it on your own, isolation at the top prevents creativity, damages confidence and restricts growth.

In our personal lives, a problem shared can be a problem halved. In Business, we sometimes use Coaches to overcome barriers but imagine how excellent it would be to have an independent board of experienced and discreet experts to use as a sounding board for those thorny issues which keep you awake at night. The Mercantile Club's TopTable is just such a body. With decades of industry experience across a variety disciplines including Finance, Law, HR, Sales, Coaching, Productivity, IT and Tax advice, we are all active leaders in our fields where success is directly linked to our knowledge and how we communicate advice to our clients.

Visitors to the TopTable can benefit from this advice but we are always on the look out for new members to join The Mercantile Club. TopTable is invite only event, but if you'd like to join us as a guest or full time member and enjoy the benefits of our open, friendly yet discreet approach, then please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Address: 9 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9NT

Tel: 0121 663 0620

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