Grab the Bull By the Horns - BullRun VI 2014

Mercantile Video Competition

Bored of wielding business cards in stuffy networking events? Are you agile, focussed with enough stamina to take the pace? Grab the bull by the horns and be part of THE networking event of the year with the maximum amount of fun all in one night (and possible early morning!)

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Grab the Bull by The Horns – Birmingham BullRun VII Thursday July 2nd 2015

Birmingham BullRun

Bigger isn’t always better but when you are raising money for an amazing charity it certainly helps.

This year’s Birmingham BullRun is the seventh and it promises to be the biggest and best yet. Last year we raised over £5,000 for Caudwell Children thanks to 170 generous revellers and the title sponsorship of Calor. With your help we are hoping to increase those numbers as well as the donations to Caudwell Children.

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Charmaine Peart Marketing & PR

Charmaine Peart comes onboard to help the BullRun get seen! The Mercantile Club has appointed Charmaine Peart Marketing & PR as their chosen agency to manage the PR campaign for Mercantile BullRun V. The Birmingham based agency will be maximising opportunities to increase support and raise the profile of the annual event taking place on July 4.

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The Carousel Effect

UK Law dictates that a trader is entitled to offset input tax (purchases) against output tax (sales), and that where the input tax exceeds output tax, the difference can be reclaimed from the Revenue, something deemed to be a right of deduction.

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Birmingham BullRun 9 Thursday - July 6th 2017

Why 200 Successful Business People Come to Birmingham for a Bar Crawl

Discover How to Win Business Over a Pint

Not everyone can network in the morning or over lunch. This includes the decision makers that you want to meet. Few medium size companies attend breakfast or lunchtime networking events. Networkers from large corporates are far removed from those who make the buying decisions.

So, how do you get to network with decision makers from companies that have more than a handful of staff? You know those companies that have a burning need for your services or products and the money to pay you for them.

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Networking Bull Market for local charities

4 years and getting stronger! The BullRun, Birmingham’s biggest charity pub crawl, brain child of Bart Dalton of the Mercantile Club, yet again raised a great deal of money for two local charities Kerrang Cash for Kids and Birmingham St Mary’s Hospice on Thursday 5th July 2012.

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Connected Awards

In October the Mercantile Clubs B.D. Dalton of AMP Wealth Management won the "Connected Award" And was recognised as one of the most well networked people in Brum. His work with Mercantile Club, The Phoenix Lunch Club, Business Builders and the St Paul's Club made it out that he is a Person in the Know and Who you need to Know.

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