The Mercantile Mastermind

For our members the Mercantile Club works exactly like a Mastermind Group. Its like surrounding yourself with the right people who can add value to your business and personal lives and you can add value to theirs.

What is a Mastermind Group?

There are many structures consider this – you commit to 10 days a year to meet together and challenge each other’s businesses. That’s a big commitment – the positive is that equates to at least 40 working days of support from your very close colleagues and friends; you can’t put an equivalent price on that, if you did it would be huge!

Rules apply - The Chatham House rules; participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed. This might feel like a very formal way of working but it gives comfort to those revealing their inner thoughts, worries and vulnerability without the danger of reproach.

Of course there are many other versions you could use, this is just one another would be to consider meeting three times a year, with seven members and holding the meetings for two days solid, whichever way best suits you and your colleagues.

The greatest impact will only come if you are truly honest and open with others about what you are looking for and trying to achieve. If you don’t know exactly what you are trying to achieve, how can anyone help you?

Remember you cannot do it ALL on your own!

Whether you are the boss, the owner, a trusted employee or an interim supplier we all need support from somewhere. The question is how to get the relevant support that you need and then finding them?

The Mastermind sessions

Each business has 1.5 hours broken down as follows:-

Open - 15mins update on activities, successes and issues;

Body - 1 hour to discuss issues requiring solutions. Other mastermind members act as consultants, brainstorming and working together to come up with a number of solutions. An alternative method is for member to ask multiple questions about the issue and then each member states what they would do if they ran your business.

Close - 15mins of summarising – A combination of ideas from others around the table, “if I was running your business this is what I would do” - just statements no discussions followed by action setting what key action will you achieve by the next meeting – the commitment, this has to be completed no matter what.

Between 5 of you that is a total of 7.5 hours of constructive interaction!

Address: 9 High Street, Harborne, Birmingham, B17 9NT

Tel: 0121 663 0620

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